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Website Monitoring for Optimal Performance

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Monitoring SEO Progress & Evolution

You've been building your website with SEO as a consideration and getting your site noticed by the Search Engines. Host monitoring on your work to date will indicate the recent changes to your web pages. Web Server Logs.

Check your web server logs often. most web hosts provide access to at least one server-stats package that produces reports from your server's logs. Log into your hosting control panel and examine the reports that are generated.

The most useful information from most LOGS are;  page views, unique visitors, visitors, referrers, search stats, etc. All of these things give you an idea about what is going on and how people are finding your site. Checking the logs on a regular basis will help you plan your strategies for the next update.
SEO Techniques and Tools

We provide several tools on this website that will assist you in monitoring your progress. Here, we will describe a bit about what these tools actually tell you.

Page Rank Checker allows you to look up the Google Toolbar Page rank of up to 10 sites. Page Rank or PR is one of the most misunderstood measures about a website. In a nutshell, PR is simply a measure from 0-10 of the Popularity of a particular webpage. See what your Website Page Rank is!

How Page Rank is calculated. It's calculated where every link to a webpage is a VOTE for the popularity of that page. A VOTE from a higher ranked page can have a higher value. Page Rank (PR) is an measure of  a pages importance based on how many other pages have VOTE D for it with a link-in to it.

Multi DC PR Checks your pages rank across the various DC's. Sometimes, when there is an update in progress, some DC's cache have different information. Check your Multi DC PR Now!

Internal Page Rank Tool shows you the PR for all the pages of your website that are indexed. This is probably the most useful PR tool!. When looking at the results, it will be given as an indication of how many pages are indexed. When the PR varies it's an indication of how many links each internal page has pointing to it.

Link Popularity is an indication of how your link-building has gone. This gives an indication of how many external sites link to you. This is a really useful tool to use to check up on your competitors and see what they have done. It may also reveal some possible sites where you could request a link from!

Indexed Pages will identify how many of your pages have been indexed. Quite often on a new website you may wait to get your pages indexed. By using this tool, you can keep an eye on when the Search Engines start to crawl all pages of your site and index them all.

The SERP Checker should be your most valuable friend. Once your site has been crawled and most of your pages indexed, you will want to see where your site falls in the SERPs for your keywords. By using this tool you can quickly see how well you are doing and how successful your SEO efforts have been to date.

All of these tools basically run queries on the Search engines and allow you to see a lot of information in one place. The Search Engines vary in how long they take to update. Sometimes, a change you make will be picked up by the SE's and be reflected within a few days. At other times, it may take several weeks for your efforts to become visible. Be Patient!

As the results are sometimes slow to change you probably should initially consider a weekly strategy for your SEO efforts. Plan on doing a fare amount of work and check it every  few weeks  to monitor the progress and effectiveness of your SEO. After the website is more relevant, you can work on a monthly to add content, building back links and modifying pages.

It is also worthwhile to note of the results before doing any major work on your website. It's possible that you could make changes to your pages that your get worse results. Be sure to monitor the progress of what you are doing diligently..

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